• The Book Xchange

  • What We Do

    Who Are We?

    The Book Xchange (TBX) is a Canadian company that specializes in providing advisory, brokerage, and financing services to Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) across Canada who wish to sell their business practices, or buy a business practice to kick-start or expand their existing practice.


    As thousands of IFAs approach retirement and a new generation of advisors seek to expand their growing practices, TBX makes a full suite of tools available, from independent business valuations, to specialized financing options typically required to successfully transition an advisor’s business for the future.

  • What Makes Us Different?

    If you are considering selling your business practice, TBX is completely free of charge for you to list and sell. We will also help you explore tax-friendly transaction structures that could potentially reduce tax consequences of your sale.


    We understand that selling your business is not just about a fair price, but it is also about finding the right buyer who cares and will continue to serve your clients like you do. With this in mind, we are committed to taking the time to learn your requirements and help you find that right buyer.

    If you are a qualified buyer struggling to find books for sale or the capital to make a purchase, TBX can help you find the books for sale based on your criteria and have financing options available so you can grow your business today. Third party valuation and advisory services are also available through our professional advisory partners.


    If you are an accredited investor, seeking a suitable solution, TBX offers an RRSP eligible debt product that will earn a competitive return through financing the acquisitions of advisory practices in Canada.


  • Why List With Us?

    Avoid Vendor Take-Backs

    We minimize risk to the vendor by financing the full cost of the book, so the transaction for the sale of the book is complete and you can start enjoying your retirement

    Matching to buyers with specific qualifications

    Facilitate a smooth transition for your clients by ensuring that they are being serviced by someone who shares your value and meets your specific criteria

    an extensive network of qualified buyers

    willing to pay above market value for your book of business

    No Listing Fee

    Unlike other sites, we don't charge vendors for listing their books with us. We recognize that you have options, so to thank you for your business, we offer a listing bonus if you sell your book through us.

    Tax-Efficient Selling

    When selling your practice, there are a few options to consider, and each choice can affect the tax treatment of the sale. We can help assist in structuring the transaction in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

    Listing/ Referral Bonus

    If you present The Book Xchange with an opportunity, we want to be able to say thanks. That's why we created a bonus program where you may qualify for a bonus of $1,000 for a referral, or $2,500 for a listing, upon successful completion of the transaction. Please contact us for more information.

  • Book X Financing

    We understand that purchasing a book of business can be a significant cost for advisors trying to breakthrough in the industry. We also understand the challenges advisors face when trying to secure financing for the purchase of a book.


    With Book X Finance, we have been able to create lending solutions to Finance Up To 100% of the cost of the book, with terms that cater to the specific needs of our clients.


    Our understanding of the industry has allowed us to work with our valued financing partners to create different options with some of the most competitive financing rates available. Our terms meet the particular demands of advisors, while understanding the traditional constraints advisors face when looking to expand their businesses.


    Our unique lending structures are not limited to advisors looking source their books from The Book Xchange's list of sellers. We are happy to discuss financing options for sales brokered internally and externally.

  • The PM Platform

    We have built excellent relationships with some of the country’s top Portfolio Managers to offer our clients more diverse and flexible investment options while transferring the compliance responsibility to the PM. This allows advisors to benefit from providing full transparency and service to the client while maintaining a recurring income stream. The advisor can lower administrative costs associated with the income stream, but retains ownership (and often surpasses) what they had previously made.

    Using a Portfolio Manager also offers the option of dropping other regulatory licenses which have very restrictive regulations, allowing for the potential of a wider range of solutions you can offer your clients to better meet their needs.

  • Membership

    The Book Xchange (TBX) offers every Canadian independent financial advisor a RISK-FREE, NO-OBLIGATION, NO-COST listing platform to buy, sell, merge and/or finance their financial advisory practices.


    We understand that our sellers have invested years of hard work to build their businesses. With the number of advisors currently looking to purchase books of business, we can help negotiate a sale that maximizes the return our sellers make on their books.


    Since many of our sellers value the relationships they've built with their clients, we can use our detailed databases to allow our sellers to customize their search, so that they can be comfortable in selecting the right buyer to continue to service their clients.


    Regardless of your situation, whether buying, selling or otherwise, please take a few moments to complete your TBX Membership Form.


    Confidentially is an important part of any major business transaction. With that said, some level of information is required to begin discussions and below is an example of the information only made available to other members of TBX.

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